Major gold mining projects or deposits are becoming ever so scarce. The Cuiaba Gold projet spread over a stretch of land 20 km wide by 120 km long. The project bundles together over 20 deactivated gold mines with over 300 million tons of tailings with an average grade of 0,5 – 0,9 grams per ton. The project uses a Quad mining strategy applied for mine tailings. The video below describes how huge tailing piles can be processed for gold extraction. The advantage in tailings is that it does not requires any heavy rock crushing because the 90% of the ore is tailings from old mining works. The Cuiaba Gold project is expected to produce over $100,000,000 in its 4th year, with an investment of $15M which will be used for tailings acquisitions option plus the mining equipment. To get the executive summary, please drop me a line about your company sending your request to