Compramos ouro qualquer quantidade.
Somos os compradores diretos. Voce nao esta lidando com um intermediaro, mas direito com o coprador (nos)

Eis sao as condicao de compra:

  1. O ouro tem de ser Brasileiro. Mas se o ouro eh da africa, ou de outro local, podemos comprar, mas ele tem de ficar aqui no Brasil.
  2. O ouro tem de ter desagio de 8 – 10% nada menos! As comissoes serao adicionados a este valor de 8-10%
  3. A quantidade do ouro deve ser no minimo 5 kg, ou no maximo uma tonelada.
  4. O ouro vai ser certificado e em seguida exportado por nos.
  5. Se o ouro nao eh certificado, o vendedor do ouro acompanhe o ouro para nosso local de certificacao onde ele sera derretido e certificado. Nos pagamos imediatamente depois a deretimento do ouro.
  6. Se o ouro ja eh certificado, e localizado numa das empresas tais como Umicore, Ourominas, ou qualquer refinadora credenciada.

A operacao sera facilitada, o pagamento vai seguir. Nosso grupo admira operacao rapida. Entao segue as instrucoes e nos ajuda em operacao rapida. Qualquer duvida, me contate aqui no meu Whatsapp 11-948362860 e meu email e:

LION GOLD BRAZIL LEGAL MINING SUPPORT was created from the initiative of a mining project manager Robert Abraham Abergel who have assembled a team of lawyers geologists, cartographers, accountants and office teams in order to assist foreign mining companies who wish to establish themselves in Brazil. We began our activities in 2009 and and are currently provide a comprehensive service pacakge for any mining company that wishes to protect and maintain its claims in Brazil.

LGLS has acquired extensive experience in the gold mining field, iron mine claims, Graphite claims and Rare Earth mine claims.

We offer support for mining companies who come to Brazil from the very early conception stage of a company.  For example, your company can be a Shell that you have established in the OTC or TSX or AUX or any public market. We can:

  • Help you locate a project to pledge into your company’s shell.
  • Help you establish your company as a legal entity in Brazil,
  • Negotiate with claim owners the best possible deal
  • Maintain your claim ownership and legal standing with the DNPM (Brazilian National Department of Mineral Production).
  • Provide you with monthly financial reports in accordance with the SEC requirements.
  • Staff your company with competent local country project manager.
  • Provide you with local geologist, cartographer, and support for any geologic research you may need.  

We understand the mining filed in Brazil and know all the players in the government agencies. We also have cultivated a vast network of mine claim owners who maintain constant contact with our firm. We are your partners and associates.