The Penedo Batalha Project with 480,000 Oz. for sale for only $3 M

This project is a very good value for any investor who wishes to establish his mining operation in Brazil, in the Amazon region. Here are the main reasons why if you are an investor, this project will serve you well:

  1. The site is about 3091 hectares in size (with 150 hectares of surface rights) and has literally dozens of gold outcrops and abandoned artisan mines.
  2. A research by an independent geological survey company on the alluvial flats has shown a reserve of 480,000 ounces (15 tons). This research did not follow 43-101 criterias since it was conducted on a large tailings river bed.
  3. The owner is moving out from Brazil and is willing to sell it for only $3M. Price may be flexible for outright cash payment.
  4. The videos below feature the log book gold extraction report of one of the sites within the claim (The Chico Site). The videos feature a Chico’s account who was a team leader of garimpeiros (or artisan miners), showing me his daily gold production. He had extracted from one 20 meters long vein, over 60 kilos of gold in one mining season. This 150 hectares site is also included in the package with surface rights.

You may download the research report (with all the drilling data base) by clicking on the links below. The Executive Summary with a detailed description  can also be found below.