The Management


R. Abraham Abergel, age 55– CEO of Lion Gold Brazil (up until July 2014)

Mr. Abergel is an entrepreneur, ex commanding paratroopers officer (Israel).  With 20 years of business consulting experience in Brazil in the areas of corporate finance, marketing and sales management,  mining business brokerage and projects administration. He has  vast experience in the Amazon and in the Tapajós Region where he has been leading mining expeditions as a consultant for junior companies and private equity investors. He was also running his own gold exploration projects in the Amazon region and have learned the practical aspect and the logistic challenges of the business from the ground up, starting from semi artisan operations, to highly mechanized explorations.


He has been applying innovative methods and self correcting procedures into locating gold ores, optimizing project cost and maximizing production. Mr. Abergel’s experience in the areas of geological research, plant deployments, logistics, security, administrative process of operating a gold mine in remote areas and project management has made him one of the most sought after mining consultant in Brazil.

Robert has a team of professionals for your mining project if you need to staff it in Brazil. This team include world class geologists, mine managers, mining chemists, leaching specialists, cartographers, accountants, (accredited with the SEC), law firms, manual labour workers, heavy equipment operators, mine workers and consulting services. Robert can staff your company shell with CEO, CFO, and all personel needed for the execution of your mining project.


rd2Roberto Dratcu – Company’s Lawyer

Roberto Dracto has joined Lion Gold Brazil Legal in July 2016 to head our legal division to deal with our corporate accounts and companies who wish to establish their operations in Brazil. His vast experience in the field of corporate finance, international banking, tax and mining laws, has made him an important asset for Lion Gold Brazil Legal. Roberto has completed a postgraduate studies in tax law at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University of Law, (December 2003) and almost 10 years earlier, he had graduated from the best and most prestigious business administration school in Brazil – The Getulio Vargas Foundation- (in June 1993).

Roberto had worked in Banco Matrix from January 1995 to February 1996 as a bank lawyer in the area of securities, international financial market, fixed and variable income. He had also worked in Price Waterhouse, from August 1993 to January 1995 as Accounting auditor, for clients in various filelds. He also worked at Pinheiro Neto  Lawyers from June 1999 to January 2002 in the corporate area, for the elaboration of contracts splits, acquisitions, participations, the opening of capital, issue of securities and related acts.

Roberto Dractu has founded his own law firm in 2004 as an international lawer in the areas of corporate, commercial, civil, real estate, family, mining, entertainment and intellectual property laws. Dratcu Law also has been advising in the areas of tax, labor, social security and criminal law.